Creating a Memorable Name

Now that I newly have a last name “Bang,” – I can relate to those of you who have memorable, even humorous names.  I would encourage you to use your name to create a funny one-liner so that customers will remember you. bang

I remember when I talked with Garold, a sales representative with Accuride, he said “My name is Garold – sounds like Harold but with a G” – which was an easy way to remember his name.  He shared this with some humor and a lot of friendliness that made me feel like I was talking with an old friend.   Here are a few pointers about creating a memorable name for our customers:

  • Make sure you laugh with the customer.  Even if you have told this particular one-liner countless times, for the customer – this is the first time. Enjoy the moment with your customer.
  • Avoid inappropriate humor.  Make sure your humor is “family friendly.” 
  • Don’t make fun of your customer’s name. You may think it is funny, but he or she may not.
  • Anticipate the questions. Garold may have heard many times in his life, “Are you saying Harold” – and he successfully anticipated this question by coming up with a way for customers to both hear, and remember his name.

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