Who are you listening to?

Our lives are saturated with voices – from the media, from the papers, television, ipads, emails, cell phones, friends, family, and our spouse or significant others….I could go on, couldn’t I?  Some of these voices are well-meaning and have our best interests in mind. Some of the voices are impersonal – not for us necessarily – and yet their messages can impact us either positively or negatively.  

If you are not achieving all that you would desire- take a look at – or take a listen at – who you are getting most of your information.  Who are you most listening to?  Even well-meaning people can tell us things that can take us further away from our goals and dreams. 

And if you feel that your thoughts are mostly negative – reevaluate where you getting most of your information.   Bad news sells in the news so if you are spending most of your time listening to the news – you may need to step away from that source.

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