Back to the Basics in Service – Keep your Promises

What does a promise mean to you?  A promise is a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that guarantees that a particular thing will happen.    You may have a number of promises in your team or organization.  Your promises may be general (We will satisfy our customers) or more specific (I will call you by 10 am tomorrow).   When you keep your end of the promise to your customer, it tells your customer that you can be trusted, you can be relied upon.   Why is this important? Because the more a customer trusts that someone on your team or in your organization will do what they say, the more excited they will be to become a member of your “sales force” as they talk positively about your company to others. 

A general rule is that you never want to promise something to a customer that you can’t fulfill. 

And often times, when customers feel they can trust you – several other things can occur:

  • they are more likely to give feedback
  • they are more willing to share with you their complaints
  • they are more willing to be “fans” of your organization

What promise can you keep today?




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