Larry’s Mufflers – Part 4

What can you do to distinguish your business from other firms that do what you do?  Larry with Larry’s Mufflers has made a reputation in his local community for using the sign board outside his facility to provide a laugh or a smile to those who drive by.  His signs have been written up in the local paper through the years – and people have come to expect it.  What will Larry say this week? 

 It’s a great reminder to think about your own business. What types of things can you create for your customers that can help you “stand out?”  If your customers enjoy it, you can start doing these things on a consistent basis – so much so that they will be disappointed if you stop doing it.   Not all of us have a reader board outside our business, but take a peek at some other ways I’ve experienced businesses “stand out” from their competition:

  • Provide a follow-up call after your patient’s first visit to see how they are doing
  • Offer to come to your customer’s home to help them with their new sewing machine
  • Instead of just pointing to an item in a store, walk over with the customer to the item and engage that person in a conversation

 There are countless ways you can delight your customer!  

This concludes my series on Larry’s Mufflers – I sure am reminded about the big and small ways that can make a real difference for my customers and the people I work with!  How about you?

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