Getting Ready…

Does this happen to you?  You have a project to do.  Let’s say for the purpose of our example, it is a writing project.  You have it on your to do list.  And then you say, “I need to get some of these smaller to do’s done first.”  Or, “I need to get my desk clean.” Or “I actually am not in the mood for writing -  I need to “get ready” to write!    What happens? You never get to writing!

 I can think of every excuse – not to do what is good for me – my business – my clients. 

 This “getting ready” tendency may be something we all deal with, isn’t it?   Unlike a quick to do list, these longer-term projects some time, some effort, and uninterrupted concentration.  We don’t get that immediate gratification and yet, truth be told, if we don’t do some of these activities, we may not be as effective as we would like to be.     If you suffer from the “getting ready” mentality, here’s an idea:

 Hold yourself accountable.   There is something powerful when we tell others – either through writing or through spoken words – what our intentions are.    I have an accountability group of two other professional speakers where we create our goals with specific target dates.  Your accountability may be with a friend, a co-worker, a spouse, a significant other. 

Over the course of the next month, I’ll be celebrating the achievement of writing 20 new BLOG postings!  What about you?