Reading the Classics

I recently attended the Festival of Faith &Writing at Calvin College – a gathering that brings together authors, publishers, readers, and academics – for conversation and celebration of religious writing.  To familiarize myself with some of the authors who would be attending, I read some of the books on their recommended reading list – and found myself enthralled and moved by the stories that I read.   And that is one way that you can start your journey of stories – read stories on issues that you have an interest in.   And don’t forget the value of reading classical literature.   

Elda Rotor, Editorial Director of Penguin Classis, spoke at the festival on the topic of “Why Read Classics” shared how reading classics “invites us to see a world in a new way.”  She said that, “Literature makes us smarter and makes us “us.”    Many of us who have read classic literature would relate to her comment that classic books have changed us, and as M. Roter says, “they become a literary soundtrack to our lives.” 

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