Commit to doing something 5 minutes a day

I know what you are thinking. How can 5 minutes really accomplish much of anything? You are right – you won’t totally de clutter your office in 5 minutes one day. But 5 minutes over a series of days may get you that much closer to your goal.  Just think, it is 20 minutes in a week (I’m not counting Sundays) – and in a month – you would have organized and de cluttered your office 125 minutes.   But guess what – most likely you will spend more than 5 minutes a day some days.  You’ll get into the groove of the task – you’ll likely want to finish that one pile. Or go through that one folder. Or recycle a bunch of papers… So put your timer on and go for it!

Recognize Good Work

Have you ever been in an organization where exceptional, hard working, high performance contributors were rewarded … by giving more and more work?  One of the better ways to ensure that people will continue to contribute is to simply recognize good work.  Let your people know that good work is valued and give continuous feedback regarding their performance and contributions so that they can continue to grow and be successful in their jobs.  If more of a challenge is what motivates someone, consider providing other career or leadership opportunities for these high-performers so their enthusiasm and commitment is continually renewed.   Or these may be just the people you can count on to serve as mentors or trainers to others on their team or committee.

 A few more thoughts on this point:

  •  Recognize effectively– Not every person likes being recognized the same way –so know your team members and ask them how they want to be recognized.
  •  Define what “good” means – Create clear expectations for your team so that each person knows what the definition of “good” is – set clear job goals and performance expectations and include deadlines.
  •  Expand your view of work – Work can be defined as the actual task as well as the manner that task is carried out.   Broaden “work” to include people’s interactions with others, their ability to work as a team.