“I wouldn’t go anywhere Else!”

How many times have you said this about a vendor you have worked with?  Think about the times you have said this about an organization of which you are a “loyal fan”.  Got an example?  Now, think about that organization. Aren’t you actually thinking of one person – one incredible person who delivers top notch, value-added service to you?  This is the value of your front line staff that has moment-to-moment encounters with your customers every day. They have the privilege, and responsibility, of being “the face” that customer’s think of when they are saying “I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Jerry Akers, a salesperson with Women’s Shoes at Nordstrom is that person for me. I have been a customer of Jerry’s for years. He knows the kinds of shoes that work with my feet. He is efficient, professional, friendly, and he provides value-added service in every interaction. Just a few weeks ago, I needed to find shoes for a wedding. They needed to be flat, comfortable, and classy.  Jerry found them quickly, I tried them on, and 5 minutes later, I was out the door and onto my next errand.

What can you do to create loyal fans who “would never go anywhere else?”   I have two ideas: 1) make sure you train your sales force so they will be knowledgeable about your products and 2) hire those who are both passionate about and skilled in delivering exceptional service.

To move ahead today on idea #1, sign up and register for the 3-hour workshop Creating a Culture of Service: More Tools to turn your Fans into your Enthusiastic Salesforce that will be held on Tuesday, August 17th from 8-11:00 am at Celebration Church in Puyallup.

This is an advanced workshop on creating a service culture to equip you with what you need to transform your client-fans into a highly dedicated sales force!   After attending this three-hour workshop, you will walk away with:

  • Creative ways to provide value for your current customers
  • Easy-to-implement strategies to turn your satisfied clients into fans who become part of your sales force
  • A proven system to transform your organization into a culture of service

You will also receive an information-rich guide that is packed with easy-to-implement service skills that you and your staff can refer to long after the session.

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