Engage your Customers

As you think about creating a culture of contribution, don’t forget the importance of engaging your customers.  Take note of my last BLOG entry where I shared a number of creative ways to engage your internal customers, your staff.  Here are a few ideas to engage your external customers, those that purchase your goods and services: 

  • Thank your customers for their service.
  • Thank your customers for their feedback (whether it was positive or negative – remember, a complaint is a gift!)
  • Ask your customers how service can be improved. 
  • Make it easy for your customers to communicate with you. (How accessible is a live human being to your customers when they call your organization?)
  • Appreciate their partnership with your organization (Provide gifts or “rewards” for your major donors or long time customers)
  • Understand service delivery by “walking in the shoes of your customers” and examining every touch point for service