One Thing at a Time

How many times I forget this!  When I feel bombarded with a myriad of things to do, courses of action I could take, or just a time crunch – I need to remind myself to: stop, step back, and simplify my life by focusing on one thing.  Studies show that multi tasking is not effective and productive.  Whether in the workplace or in our personal lives, these “3 S’s” can help you radically reduce your stress and increase your focus. 

 STOP-  I was coaching a woman on her resume and she mentioned what she asks her daughter on a consistent basis: “Why are you doing this?”  This question has stuck with me and I ask this same question to myself.   When I do take the time to reflect on my answer, I usually find out that deep down below the surface, the answers to the question “Why are you doing that?’ revolve around the following: it feels good to check it off my list, I don’t actually feel like accomplishing on my goals, it takes too long, I can’t get started…”

 Stop encourages us to ask the “why” question. We may find that the answer makes sense and we continue with that task. But more often than not, we may find ourselves switching directions and working on a higher priority item that will move our work lives, careers, home lives or relationship going forward.

 Stay tuned for my next Blog Posting will focus on the 2nd S –  “Step Back”