Be Accountable

In November of last year, I joined another master mind group.  I am such a big fan of master mind groups because they provide the needed accountability to help me accomplish what I need to for moving my business (and life) forward.  A master mind group is a community who provide support and accountability.  The individuals don’t need to belong to your industry but who share your intentionality to achieve.  Most effective master mind groups have the following elements:

  • Regular meetings (once a week. Twice a month)
  • Clear expectations (fines for not writing your goals, fines for not accomplishing your goals, fines for missed meetings)
  • Committed individuals who are supportive. 

 From one my master mind buddies:

I just wanted to say how stoked I am to be part of your Mastermind group!  I can really feel it – we are going to move ground this year!  Wahoo!  I so look forward to working with both of you and watching our business explode in 2012!  We are really going to rock!         

 I want you to know that regardless of how 2011 was for you and your business, take a moment today to bless it and let it go.  I wish you a very prosperous, wildly successful and joyful 2012! 

 With support like this – how can we not be successful!