Break the task into smaller chunks

If you want to get overwhelmed with de cluttering – then see your office as a gigantic mess with seemingly nowhere to start.   However, if you want to feel like you are taking concrete steps to accomplish your dream of having an organized office – then see if you can do what many project managers say “break the task up into smaller chunks!”  Here are some ways you can apply this philosophy to your office organization:

  •  Start small. Start with one pile – Begin someplace.  Perhaps it is one pile of papers or one filing cabinet or one part of your desk. 
  • Put the timer on for 5 minutes (see previous blog)
  • Celebrate your success!

I hope you got some practical ideas on how to declutter your office…it is a constant battle for some of us.  But these tips work!  Here’s to an organized office!

Staying on Course

clock finalI don’t know about you, but I have a challenge in starting projects that I don’t find exciting.  Especially if it involves projects that (in my mind) will take a long time.  When I am writing, I can think about the countless things that I can get done quickly (and check it off my list). So writing can get pushed to the back burner.  Or the same holds true for my getting motivated to work on my bookkeeping and financial statements.   It is so hard to get myself seated down to actually begin the project and then when I start – I can get off course with so many distractions – emails, phone calls, people, and other priorities!  Perhaps I am my worst distraction!           

Here’s a simple idea. Your kitchen timer can be used as your accountability buddy.  Set the timer for 15 minutes or 20 minutes (or 30 minutes) and tell yourself that you will do this particular task or project until the timer goes off.  What inevitably happens is that you will be so “into” the project that you will work another 30 minutes (or longer!).  And soon you’ll be done!