Relationships Matter

Photo for Knee BlogSome say that customer service isn’t what it used to be and that technology is replacing human to human contact. My Mom had an experience that reminded me again that even in today’s world, relationships matter. Recovering from knee replacement surgery, she has been in a rehab facility where she is gaining confidence and strength in walking again. Who should walk in to the rehab room but her knee surgeon, checking up with her! Her knee surgeon looked at her knee, gave her encouragement, and brightened her day and week! The rehab therapists and nurses all said “This is not usual – rarely do surgeons pay their patients a visit – you must be a VIP!”

Relationships do matter and those personal connections that you can make to your patients, customer, vendors, employees, and loved ones make a big difference! This is what Valentine’s Day is all about!

What “VIP” can you pleasantly surprise today!?