Kit-Kat® Clocks Rock!

Excellent customer ServicI recently had an experience with Kit Kat® clocks that I just have to rave about!  You know the famous Kit-Kat® clock.  They are those cute little cat clocks with the moving tail and eyes.  My husband (boyfriend at the time) blessed me with a gift of this clock for my Birthday back in March 2008. I have love this clock!  It’s been running great  until a few months ago. The tail kept stopping even after replacing the batteries with new ones.  I called their corporate office – left a message –  and here is where the real magic happened:

  • I got an answer that day!
  • Dave, the customer service professional was friendly, professional, and highly competent
  • He was so knowledgeable about the clock that he troubleshooted why the clock may have stopped working and walked me through the step by step process on getting it fixed
  • When we called back the next day with some remaining questions, we got the same person!
  • In a few moments, Dave walked my husband through some additional steps and our clock now works wonderfully!
  • And now we are raving fans about this company! (Note:  The pink kit-cat® clock (with eye lashes) may be joining our family soon!)

For more information about this incredible organization (celebrating 80 years in business) – go to

You don’t want to miss the three-story tall fully-functional Kit-CatCat®’s Clock that will be seen by over 300 million TV viewers at the Rose Parade!