Negative Self- Talk – Rewind the Tapes

What do you say to yourselves?   Sometimes the biggest barrier to our goals is ourselves!  So here is something to ponder:  Think about what you are thinking about!   Zig Ziglar says that some of us have “stinky thinking.”  Perhaps you need to get a new mindset, a new way of thinking.  It is basically “rewinding your negative self-talk.”

One way you can “rewind your tapes” is to ask yourself, “Would you say the same thing to someone you love?” Often times, we can be our worst critics.  We would never say to others what we say to ourselvs.  Take a look at how much you are feeding your mind and thoughts with negative news.  Strive to focus on the positive, rather than the negative.

Who are you listening to?

Our lives are saturated with voices – from the media, from the papers, television, ipads, emails, cell phones, friends, family, and our spouse or significant others….I could go on, couldn’t I?  Some of these voices are well-meaning and have our best interests in mind. Some of the voices are impersonal – not for us necessarily – and yet their messages can impact us either positively or negatively.  

If you are not achieving all that you would desire- take a look at – or take a listen at – who you are getting most of your information.  Who are you most listening to?  Even well-meaning people can tell us things that can take us further away from our goals and dreams. 

And if you feel that your thoughts are mostly negative – reevaluate where you getting most of your information.   Bad news sells in the news so if you are spending most of your time listening to the news – you may need to step away from that source.